Mars Calling - The Perfect Digital Launch
Workshop: Mars Calling - The Perfect Digital Launch 
Description - Will you land on Mars ? It depends on the direction & environment you’ve launched your rocket in!
The digital dimension is the Mars of your business.  Let’s think through & map your brand-consumer journey using the  "The Infinite Triangle” methodology. 
Identifying the moment of connect and digital behaviour of planet stakeholders - Brand, consumer, Influencer, spectator and Customer. 
With the awareness of the planet Mars, we shall prepare to  launch our brand with the right direction, the right set of resources and at the escape velocity to ensure that we reach Mars and not Moon. 
Still confused? This workshop will take you through the process of co-creating the launch of your brand on digital platforms to ensure its growth and sustenance. 
Speaker -Mr. Ravi Soni, Co- Founder at Obbserv. 
Obbserv is a company that focused on co-creating the exponential digital growth for the brands. "The Infinite Triangle" is a unique framework developed by Ravi to harness the full potential of digital sustainable growth. SEO is an integral part of their digital strategy and he has quite a few hacks to get your brand take off.