Data-Driven Crypto Trading
Discussion Includes: 
  • Right Tools for Crypto Trading
  • Quality Indicators 
  • Mean Reversion and Trend Following Strategies
  • Complete Trading System
  • Risk Aversion Trading
  • Identifying & Exploiting Hidden Opportunities
Jitesh Advani, Co-Founder at Samriddhee TechLabs
An alumnus of IIT Guwahati, he has strategised and facilitated Crypto investments of over $10 Million for Institutional and Retail clients into Crypto assets against the traditional investment options. He is also the Co-founder of EasyEcom and has previously worked at Flipkart

Neeraj Kumawat, Co-Founder at Samriddhee TechLabs
An alumnus of IIT Guwahati, Neeraj is a Blockchain expert
Since early last year, he's developing scalable trading strategies and algo bots for cryptocurrency trading in Samriddhee Technologies
Previously, he was leading technology at EasyEcom

Ankit Nayan, CTO at Samriddhee TechLabs
An alumnus of IIT Delhi, he is currently building a cryptocurrency exchange
Ankit has co-founded 2 companies before, one in the field of computer vision and AI & the other being in the consumer internet domain


Who should attend?
-Crypto enthusiasts
-Trading enthusiasts
-Techies who want to build scalable trading systems

Ayushi Mohindra