Ethereum App Development Workshop

About the Speaker: 
Raghav Dua, Engineer at Kayako

Previously: Software Developer at Fragmentsbot & Back-end Developer at LimeTray

What will be discussed?

  • Brief introduction to basic components of any software application - compute, storage & networking
  • Introduction to the Blockchain & Ethereum and where ethereum fits amongst components of an application
  • Basic level introduction to Solidity programming - enough to write a small app
  • Introduction to basic tools required to ease out DApp development - Truffle framework, Ganache CLI, Solium
  • Demo on how to deploy a test app on your local test blockchain
  • Differences between deploying on test network and main ethereum blockchain and the costs involved
  • Ways in which ethereum development is different from server-based development
  • Scalability
  • Usability in today's world
  • Complementary blockchains (bigchainDB, IPFS)


- Prior programming experience, preferably in JavaScript
- Some experience with developing and shipping web applications would be helpful
- Knowledge about Infrastructure as a service like AWS would also be a plus
- A keen interest in how blockchains can provide a platform for application development and why it matters





Ayushi Mohindra